Our bike...sort of...

This picture is from the manufacturer's website.
We'll be posting some of our own soon, once we get it loaded up and find ourselves near a digital camera.


This is us as of December 2008:


This is us January 2008:



Four weeks and counting...

Just a little info about our page here... we've set it up so that folks can track us as we head across the U.S.A. We'll most likely just drop a line and have it updated with a few statistics and current location at time of call. We've decided not to let people post comments so tha tthe page stays clean and easy to navigate around, but you can send us an email if you'd like.

If you took a picture of us along the way you can email it to bikerbeans@gmail.com and the folks handling our blog will be happy to post it. (And thanks!)

We have no defined route and no time limitation, we're free to wander and take as long as we please. However, saying we have "no route" is only a tiny stretch because we plan to ride through the north-western United States, an area neither of us been to. But what roads we'll take is still up for debate. We'll just ride and see.