Two new pictures...

I found another picture on my dad's computer:

And this is the newest member of the family...Abigail Rose


Flash Back to Ionia, MI

Since we've arrived back from our trip we've managed one ride. Why? Heather's sister is due to have a baby Saturday and we've been running around getting everything ready and it's not even our kid! Guess that's what you get when you park your RV in someone's yard for a few months, people think you owe them something (c;

In the meantime we came across some pictures that Heather's dad took with his blackberry the day they came to meet us in Ionia, MI.

We waited around "Robinson Park" on the north side of town. We felt at home, even had a black cat like ours come up and needed some attention.

Heather's parents followed us to the restaurant but when they passed us to get a picture or two, Heather's mom honked just as they were next to us. We need to pass along the wisdom of honking after you've passed a bicyclists.

At the restaurant

Are you sure you want to eat here? Turns out we shouldn't have, the food was pretty greasy.

Just a few more pictures before we go...

Dave was a little annoyed by Heather's parents so he decided to put them in line.

This rig was parked next to ours, most people recommended we try our trip on one of these.

New members of the Hell's Angels?

Dave: "Give the bandana back! You started this trip with me, you're going to finish it!"

Dave: "No more honking next to bicyclists, or I'll conk your heads together again!"

Away we go... can you find us? Click for a bigger picture.


Flash Back to Van Riper State Park, MI, Upper Peninsula

A couple of pictures that were taken of us the day we camped out at the state park, this gives you a good view of our set up:

The next day when we'd moved into the sun to dry out our gear:



Back in where it all began

Arrived at 7:58 pm after about 67 miles today we reached 4126 miles
in 21 weeks 1 day. More to come.

Almost there.

Currently in Streetsboro. 20 More miles!

getting close

Monday, September 7th. Green Springs to Pittsfield 47 miles.


Thanks for the food.

It continued to rain when we cheerfully left Paul's garage and that was ok, we'd ridden in rain before. What wasn't ok was the amazing bolt of lighting we saw a few miles later, not appreciated while wet on a metal bicycle. We came to the next crossroads and found the covered shelter at a park that Paul had mentioned, and we took. . . cover. We'd hoped to make it 9 more miles to another park in a town that had food but we'd survive on the peanut butter and soggy tortilas we had with us. About 15 minutes later a car pulls up and Heather said, "Hey, someone else is here too." Dave said, "That car looks strangely familiar." It was Paul and he had food! Not only did he let us have refuge from a couple rounds of storms, he'd tracked us down to the most probable place we could be with lightning crashing around us. He'd brought us chicken and coffee, warming our stomachs and hearts.

Thanks Paul! Now we actually have peanut butter and tortillas for tomorrow's breakfast.

At mile 4056...

The rain came down and we saw an open garage door and rode in. Heather
went to the front door to let them know we were there. We talked for
about an hour before we left. Thanks to Paul for taking us in.

sunday, september 6th

56 miles from Whitehouse to Green Springs, OH.


phone blog...

Osseo, MI to Whitehouse, OH. Ohio! Nearly five months ago we left
Atwater on a cold and rainy Tuesday. Tonight we're enjoying a cool
evening after 65 miles of relatively flat terrain. With no diagonal
roads in the area we zigzagged our way into Ohio and somewhere south
of Toledo. Road weary and hungry our hunt for food led up to the
American Legion's steak dinner. Heather's parents stopped in too on
thier way to Heather's sister's. The legion commander graciously let
us set up out back and now all we need to do is sleep to round out a
perfect day.

Map Day 140 to Day 145

Day 145

Saturday, September 5, 2009
- Start:Osseo, MI
- ATW: Fayette, OH at Noon
- End:
- Day Miles: Ride Time: Total Trip Miles:

Day 144

Friday, September 4, 2009
- Start:North Eckford, MI
- ATW:
- End:Osseo, MI
- Day Miles: 39.5 Ride Time:4:16 Total Trip Miles:3890

Day 142

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
- Start:Stanton, MI
- ATW:
- End:Nashville, MI
- Day Miles: 52.4 Ride Time:5:12 Total Trip Miles: 3803

Heather's parents drove out from Troy, MI to meet with us and buy us lunch.
Editor's Note: Bike for the next trip?? This is my type of bike.

Day 143

Thursday, September 3, 2009
- Start:Nashville, MI
- ATW:
- End:North Eckford, MI
- Day Miles:47.6 Ride Time:5:31 Total Trip Miles: 3850

Day 141

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
- Start:Barryton, MI
- ATW:
- End:Staton, MI
- Day Miles:46.5 Ride Time:5:00 Total Trip Miles: 3750

Day 140 - on the road again

Monday, August 31, 2009
- Start:Cadillac, MI
- ATW:
- End:Barryton, MI
- Day Miles:51.9 Ride Time:4:33 Total Trip Miles: 3703

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