Thanks for the food.

It continued to rain when we cheerfully left Paul's garage and that was ok, we'd ridden in rain before. What wasn't ok was the amazing bolt of lighting we saw a few miles later, not appreciated while wet on a metal bicycle. We came to the next crossroads and found the covered shelter at a park that Paul had mentioned, and we took. . . cover. We'd hoped to make it 9 more miles to another park in a town that had food but we'd survive on the peanut butter and soggy tortilas we had with us. About 15 minutes later a car pulls up and Heather said, "Hey, someone else is here too." Dave said, "That car looks strangely familiar." It was Paul and he had food! Not only did he let us have refuge from a couple rounds of storms, he'd tracked us down to the most probable place we could be with lightning crashing around us. He'd brought us chicken and coffee, warming our stomachs and hearts.

Thanks Paul! Now we actually have peanut butter and tortillas for tomorrow's breakfast.