Flash Back to Ionia, MI

Since we've arrived back from our trip we've managed one ride. Why? Heather's sister is due to have a baby Saturday and we've been running around getting everything ready and it's not even our kid! Guess that's what you get when you park your RV in someone's yard for a few months, people think you owe them something (c;

In the meantime we came across some pictures that Heather's dad took with his blackberry the day they came to meet us in Ionia, MI.

We waited around "Robinson Park" on the north side of town. We felt at home, even had a black cat like ours come up and needed some attention.

Heather's parents followed us to the restaurant but when they passed us to get a picture or two, Heather's mom honked just as they were next to us. We need to pass along the wisdom of honking after you've passed a bicyclists.

At the restaurant

Are you sure you want to eat here? Turns out we shouldn't have, the food was pretty greasy.

Just a few more pictures before we go...

Dave was a little annoyed by Heather's parents so he decided to put them in line.

This rig was parked next to ours, most people recommended we try our trip on one of these.

New members of the Hell's Angels?

Dave: "Give the bandana back! You started this trip with me, you're going to finish it!"

Dave: "No more honking next to bicyclists, or I'll conk your heads together again!"

Away we go... can you find us? Click for a bigger picture.