Day 47

Saturday, May 30, 2009
- Start:Gregory, South Dakota
- ATW:
- End:Winner, South Dakota
- Day Miles:27.6 Ride Time:1:52 Total Trip Miles:

Left late from Gregory because we knew we'd only have a short trip. Rode like maniacs to get to Winner. Our hosts for the night were the sister and brother-in-law of our new friends in Gregory. Their church had renovated their hall and Saturday night found us eating as much as we could at the social and listening to live music. Another part of the social to help with paying for the renovations was an auction. You know you're in the country when bales of hay, sides of beef and bull rentals are on the block.

On the ride from Bonesteel to after White River we were crossing the southern portion of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation.

Source: http://tradecorridor.com/rosebud/images/map.pdf