Day 56, 57, and more - The bike gets to ride!

editor's note: This is a temporary report.

Heather and Dave have rented a compact SUV in Rapid City (a Nissan Rouge to be exact), and loaded the bike as best they could. 2 feet were sticking out the back hatch. They are going to Lewistown, MT, to drop the bike at their friends' house then they plan to drive through Yellowstone National Park. After the rental car is dropped off in Billings they'll spend time with their friends and decide what to do from there.
Tuesday they emailed me from Lewistown, MT and said:

"Hello from Lewistown, MT. We are going to elaborate on the last blog entry with more details. So we deleted it for now, thank you for the work on the blog. We will call, a phone signal is good in Montana."