Day 49 Across the Reservation

Monday, June 1, 2009
- Start: White River, South Dakota
- ATW:
- End:Interior,South Dakota
- Day Miles: 83.1 Ride Time: 8:41 Total Trip Miles: 1813

Some time after White River all the way to nearly Interior we spent our day viewing amazing scenery as we crossed the reservation. I'm exactly sure the dimensions of the reservation but halfway through our day we took a break in Wanblee and enjoyed sharing our ride with the folks there. We skirted the ten-ton construction equipment that was repaving the road through town and cruised the new asphalt on the north side and on to Interior.

We had started riding at 6am and were at Interior by 4pm. We half considered trying to ride through the Badlands N.P. now because it was cool but vetoed the idea as the wind was getting worse and we weren't crazy enough to attempt a 100 mile day after only 4 hours sleep the night before.

We spent a few hours eating pizza in a local bar then tried to set up at the city park. But it was along the main road and the wind was shaking a metal structure giving us no peace. A couple miles further along we stopped in the N.P. campground and set up our tarp. We enjoyed a good nights rest despite the wind and a little rain.