Day 108 Got rid of the nails after many miles.

Thursday, July 30, 2009 Rain, sun, rain, sun.
Rest day? Yes again!

Stiff muscled we woke a little early in the morning. The weather wasn't predicted to be too bad, but some rain and maybe a thunder shower. However, the body didn't want to do what the brain through it should. We were welcomed to rest up and relax for the day and we did that to some extent.

Our hosts headed out with children and grandchildren to a bear park near by leaving us to maybe kayak around the lake a little. Heather decided to take a nap shortly after they left and Dave spent time catching up in his journal. When the group returned from the bear park Dave kayaked around part of the lake with Gary while Heather slept some more. After kayaking it was Dave's turn to sleep while Heather helped fix dinner.

We were fed well then spent time entertaining and being entertained. We had yet another broken spoke on the back wheel that needed fixed. Gary had a truing stand and we wondered if it was time to true the wheel after so many broken spokes. Turned out that we had a major "hop" in the rim and Dave spent a long time on his learning curve of how to fix such a deviation in the roundness of the rim. Getting it "close enough" we went to bed a little late but even with a nap sleep came fast.

We managed to pawn off the pound of roofing nails on Gary so that we wouldn't have to carry them any longer.