Day 110 Part 2

Day 110 Part 2:
Following our wait for the rain to clear we set out a few minutes early and were nicely saturated arriving at the grocery store. Loaded up for lunch we went back to the park to eat and finally rode away into the wind. It didn't seem too bad at first as we meandered toward the lake.

Lack of sleep and just fighting hard to make progress had us exhausted after 15 miles. The more we rode the more intense the wind became. Starting down a hill and practically coming to a halt was our indication it was time to stop. We tried one house that looked like it had cover but no one was home. Maybe over that next little hill. Over the next hill was a series of nice downhills that boosted our spirits momentarily.

Pretty soon we found ourselves surrounded by bogs and a distinct lack of houses. Just a few miles further was Cross Village, perhaps we'd have some luck there. Stopped by a gas station/grocery store and cheered up with a bit of ice cream, then found our way through town to a church yard. There was rain predicted overnight so we set up under a covered shelter with a grass base. Except for the wind flapping the tarp all night we were practically sleeping in luxury.