Volunteering - Day 129

Three days this week were spent assisting the archaeologist and archaeological technician of the Forest Service office in Manistee, MI. What does that entail? Essentially you go walking through the woods looking for "depressions." When we started we had no idea what a "depression" looked like but we now have a pretty good idea, especially if they're lined with concrete walls and you practically fall into one.

Now that we've had sufficient time to recover from the bike trip and have the next few days to recover from all the hiking through the woods we plan to set out on Monday for another chunk of this bicycling adventure. We've had to make a bit of plans for the next week or so. Basically we're doing whatever we can to avoid going near Detroit which means nowhere within the HWY 69 interior. That might seem drastic but having lived in Ypsilanti and ridden our bike there, as well as stories from other bicyclists, it's our best chance of survival to give Detroit a wide berth.

How much more do we have to do? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 miles and a few weeks.