Day 112

Monday, August 3, 2009
- Start: Petoskey
- ATW: Bay Harbor, Bay Shore
- End: Charlevoix
- Day Miles: 17 Ride Time: 2hr 10min Total Trip Miles:

Our semi-early morning was overcast and eventually rainy. We left Patrick's parent's house and headed to the library in Petoskey to avoid riding in the rain. That worked as long as we weren't hungry. Pretty soon we needed nourishment and found ourselves wandering downtown at lunch time in a drizzle.

The long lines made us bolt out of town and after swinging into the bike shop to say farewell to Patrick we made our way down the Little Traverse Bike Path toward Charlevoix. We were told of a little deli just off the bike path that had recently moved down the street a little. It was only a mile down the route. A "few" miles later we found the deli but instead of having "moved" next door it was actually in the process of moving. A guy was sitting on a tailgate of a truck out front and started asking us questions. He was dressed in a shirt with the Deli's name on it and we soon found that he was the owner of the deli that wasn't currently serving customers.

"If you were going to eat somewhere else around here where would it be?" Dave asked.

"Come in and I'll make you a sandwich."

From there we ate a delicious sandwich each, a couple of donuts, and offered ourselves as short term labor if they needed it. We moved tables, did some cleaning, got covered in syrup from a soda fountain and generally had an awesome time for a few hours.

Back down the trail we rode into the wind through the rest of Bay Harbor, past the gas station in Bay Shore and to the outside of Charlevoix. Incredibly tired we stopped short of town and pitched our tarp in the township park. Dinner was whatever we could find on the bike and we made sure that the tarp didn't flap in the wind.