Day 14

Monday, April 27, 2009 - Mostly sunny with gusty southwest winds.
- Start:Greenwood, IN
- ATW: Moorseville, Plainfield, Avon
- End:Danville, IN
- Day Miles:48 Total Trip Miles: Ride Time: 5hr 45min Starting again. Westward HO!

To avoid the city traffic we braved the wind from the south that bounced us around the country roads to Mooresville, IN. Once there we were lost for a while because our map had a lesser highway labeled wrong. Set straight by a mailman (who better would know local roads) we then headed north out of town enjoying a tail wind before turning back west. Eventually we found ourselves in Danville, IN, stocked up on grub at a grocery store, then headed out the north side of town to find a place to crash.

We came across a father and son who were outside working on a truck. We asked about a place to set up and they directed us to an open lot at the end of the road. With rough weather predicted for the night we decided to ride on a bit to find a wind break. We were directed to the neighbor up the road who had a some land with trees. The owners agreed to let us sleep out back but as we were looking at the prospective area they offered us the use of a camper that they had on site so that we wouldn't have to deal with the coming storm.

Still amazed at the fortunate turn of events we settled down to a soup supper to which I added a bag of frozen corn that I had been using as an ice pack on my sore knee. Once stuffed we enjoyed a warm night inside the camper on a dry bed.