Day 7

Monday, April 20, 2009 - Bitter Cold, Windy, Nasty Rain!
- S: Hardin, OH
- "ATW" - Oran, Newport
- E: Versailles, OH
- Day Miles: 20.2 Total Trip Miles: 289 Did 20.2 miles by 2:28 PM,
Arrving in Versailles at 10:30AM after 15 miles of hard riding, we stopped at The Sweet Shop, the town's bakery/diner and city center, to get out of the wind and rain. We wanted to warm up with a hot chocolate and ended up devouring the remainder of their "day old" pastries while we were waiting for our burgers & fries.

After the meal we couldn't delay any longer but as we were getting ready to ride off on our bike a lady jumped out of her car and ran over to us. "Okay, I'm curious, where've you been and where you going?" After a brief run down on the info she invited us to her place to get warm, shower, do laundry, eat, and most importantly take a nap. We agreed after she reassured us she wasn't crazy. What a blessing, the offer not the fact that she wasn't crazy because we would have taken her up on the offer even if she had been. We'd heard about this kind of thing but didn't raelize it would happen to us.

Intending to just stop for a few hours to revive we decided to peddal the last five miles to her house and ended up riding in the worst weather to date. In the end we opted to stay the night. Never did get the nap and we talked until 10:30PM. At some point in the laundry process we lost a sock but found it the next morning packing our gear back up. It never did get washed.

"Packing the bike. Photo credit: C. Snyder"

"Finally found that sock! Photo credit: C. Snyder"