Day 15 - cracked hub

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - Warm, heavily overcast turning to rain.
- Start: Danville, IN
- ATW: Avon, Indianapolis
- End: Greenwood, IN
- Day Miles: 38.2mi Total Trip Miles: 520mi Ride Time: 3hr, 43min

A little set back...
Three years ago we were living south of Indianapolis when we bought our bike. A year after we bought it we had only ridden 1,000 miles when we found our rear hub had cracked in four places. With a little wheeling and dealing the manufacturer replaced the broken hub and rebuilt the wheel for us. We started this ride knowing it could happen again because they replaced the hub with the same design.

Following that repair we rode another 1,000 miles before starting this trip. Since April 14th this year we've put on more than 500 miles. This morning while Dave was checking the spokes on the rear wheel he found that the hub had cracked again. After trying to call a bike shop close to where we were and getting no help from them, we looked up the number to the bike shop that we had acquired the bike from in 2006. The shop was close enough to our friends' so we decided to go ahead and ride the few hours back to their house to wait out the repair. Currently we are waiting for news from the bike shop.