Day 8

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - Cold, Head Winds, HAIL!
- S: Versailles, OH
- ATW: Rt121->Greenville, Rt36->Palestine, Lynn, IN, Rt27->Richmond, IN
- E: Richmond, IN
- Day Miles: 42.3? Total Trip Miles:est-331?
- Odometer got wet and shorted out - started to work again when it dried out but we lost a few official miles.

- Rode into the wind most of the all day, rained off and on. We followed Rt36 out of Ohio pedaling downhills to make progress because we were trying to make our way to Indianapolis to visit with friends. Dave thought we could make it in two days if we got a good jump today. Nature thought otherwise.

As we crossed the Indiana border we were welcomed by a hail storm. There's nothing quite like being pelted in the face by B.B. sized hail. Try it, you'll like it! When we reached Lynn, IN, we knew we weren't going to make it much further down the road. Snow was predicted so we made the decision to try and find a motel. After being repeatedly reassured that nothing was in the area we turned south to Richmond, IN.