Our bike didn't come with a kickstand and we didn't want to pay for one. Usually we just propped it up against a tree or pole, but a couple of times we had to lay it down in the grass on the left side because the derailleur is on the right. Now that we have the mirror on the left side we weren't going to be able to lay it down anymore.

Time for a kickstand? We had a some bars of the aluminum tubing left but we already carried a carbon fiber rod we have dubbed our "magic wand." This bar is used to ward off dogs that come too close. A simple wave of the magic wand and the dogs think twice about biting our legs. Heather's never had to actually touch a dog with the wand, most see it waving around and just back off. Dave found that the rear handle bars were a hollow tube up to the seat base. He slid the magic wand in the handle bar and laid the bike on its side. Kick stand... next make.