Day 9

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 - Two words... "Head Winds"
- Start: Richmond, IN
- ATW: Rt 27 South to Waterfall Rd to Richmond bike trail to 40W to East Germantown, Cambridge City, Straugh, Lewisville, Dunreith, Ogden, Charlottesville, Cleveland
- End: Greenfield, IN
- Day Miles 58.2 Total Trip Miles: Ride Time: 7hr 31min

The day started out cool but sunny and remained mostly sunny all day long, however we were put to the test with the wind. We had been told that Rt 36 was newly paved and flat and were reluctant to leave it when we headed to Richmond. We were told to expect more hilly terrain riding on 40 but the hills were nothing compared to the ones we had conditioned ourselves on in Ohio. But the wind, taxed us to our limits. We still managed to ride 50 miles along 40 into 20 to 30MPH head winds. If it wasn't for the wind we'd have made it to Indy no problem.

Thanks again to the Calvary Baptist Church for the bananas! They fueled us on long enough to find a sheltered place from the weather. We came across a group by a bonfire and asked for a square of grass for the night. Not only did we meet a fellow bicyclist there but he offered us dinner, a bed, great stories and the promise of a little live music from the group. We were so exhausted that we couldn't even stay up to listen to their jam session but dinner and the bed out of the cold was fantastic. Thanks!