More saddle bag shots...

Here's a few more pictures of those lovely homemade saddle bags. 3 out of 4 have stayed dry in all the rain we've had. The fourth has a hole that allows you to see out the bottom to the ground, an error in the sewing process that is not likely to get fixed now. That bag has been designated the food bag.

So far we've survived dog attacks quite nicely, until Somersville that is. Just before stopping for the night two black dogs and a little beagle came racing toward us. I pulled out our "magic wand" and defended myself against the larger black dogs that attempted to bite my leg, but that pesky beagle got past my defenses. While the other dogs distracted me the beagle jumped up and bit into the rear left saddle bag and hung on. I took a swing and knocked it off. The bike lurched as the beagle latched on and Dave yelled: "What was that?"
"Pedal faster!" I shot back.
We patched the hole with Gorilla Tape and bike tire patch cement. So far so good.