Day 16 - hub break - staying with friends

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - Warm and windy
- Start: Greenwood, IN
- ATW:
- End: Greenwood, IN
- Day Miles: 0

Update on the bike repair...

Originally when the hub broke a bike shop that we went to in Virginia contacted the manufacturer who replied that the bike was out of warranty and they couldn't help us. The bike shop then quoted a rebuild with a different manufacturer's hub, rim and spokes for around $600. Instead of accepting the repair we attempted to contact the manufacturer ourselves and ask if we could go halves on the repair cost because it appeared to be a defect and everyone we talked with was surprised at the way it broke. Besides, there was no harm in asking.

We didn't get half the cost of the new wheel but a guy named Mike at the manufacturer helped us out. After we sent pictures of how the hub broke Mike came back with the offer of... if we shipped the wheel to him then he would rebuild it with a new hub and ship it back to us free of cost. Done deal! We weren't thrilled when we got the wheel back with an identical style hub. We had even entertained thoughts of selling the bike so that we wouldn't have to deal with a possible future break and some of its more annoying eccentricities. But in the end we kept riding Clickity Clack, so dubbed because of the noise that emanates from the independent pedaling system.

The first break occurred at 12 months of riding and 1,000 miles. The same style of break has now happened after 1,500 miles. A recent conversation with the bike shop near our friends, which happens to be who we bought it from when we were living here 3 years ago, has given us a plan of action. Bill at the bike shop contacted the manufacturer who once again said the bike was out of warranty and declined Dave's offer of going halves on a new rebuild. This left us with finding a replacement hub that was higher strength and Bill has had luck. He is currently ordering the replacement hub and if we can get it ordered in time should be here in the next few days. We will get to keep our old rim which saves some money not having to buy one.

For now we are continuing to relax with our friends' cats while they're off working. Ah the joys of bike touring.
A few shots of the rear hub break.