Day 17

Thursday, April 30th, 2009.
Still hanging around Greenwood, IN.
Yesterday we were able to get in sync with Bill at Circle City Bicycles and he placed an order for replacement hubs for both wheels as well as spokes for the rear. In order to help with the rebuild process we disassembled our wheels last night. This morning on her way to work our friend dropped us and the rims and such off at the store. Bill was there researching the needed spokes for the front wheel so that he could place an order for them today.

After we left the bike shop we walked the 7 miles back to our friends' house in the pouring rain (which turned into 8.5mi because we got lost and after bypassing Nonsense Ave. we ended up wandering up and down a road named Easy St. which ended at the back of a dentist office. We consoled ourselves for going out of our way by eating all the nachos available at a Mexican restaurant).

The parts ordered yesterday and today were supposed to be shipped overnight. We haven't heard anything more and since we have no real expectations on this trip we're enjoying our time by taking three hour naps, hot showers, eating blizzards and waiting for news.