Day 23

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 - Heavy overcast morning, rain a few hours in the afternoon, sunny from 3PM on.
- Start: Chrisman, IL
- ATW: Danville, IL
- End: Urbana, IL
- Day Miles: 65.9 Ride Time: 5hr 57min Total Trip Miles: 682

We went striaght north out of Chrisman to Danville in search of Cycles Plus. We needed to restock tubes from our tire flat adventure a couple days before. The shop was closed but a call the day before had alerted the mechanic who came in on his day off to help us out. We pulled up to the shop just as it started to rain. After some lively conversation we headed out with our purchase and to Kickapoo State Park for a lunch break. A bit of confusion of which way to go saw us back on route 150 and we sailed into Urbana by 4PM.

We attempted to crash with friends of friends but we were put up in a motel for the night because the friend's friends were sick! Even though the motel was awesome we were sorry to miss the opportunity to meet some new and engaging people. And because we have no idea how to relax, after our longest day of riding to date we decided to walk a couple miles to the university area to get dinner. Since we had to walk a couple more miles to return to the motel we just had to stop at Dairy Queen for desert on the way back.