Day 42 - Reached South Dakota

Monday, May 25, 2009
- Start: Sioux City, Iowa
- ATW: N. Sioux City,South Dakota, McCook Lake, Jefferson, Elk Point, Burbank, Vermillion, Volin
- End: Yankton, South Dakota
- Day Miles: 72mi Ride Time: 5hr 28min Total Trip Miles: 1501

On Sunday Kathy offered to come over Monday morning to give us a lead out of town and ride along for a while. Sounded great except for the part where Kathy likes to get up at the crack of dawn and ride. After making sure that we wouldn't be getting up "too" early, we agreed. We'd never ridden with anyone else before so it would be a fun new experience.

We rode with Kathy to her house, then off to Vermillion. Kathy was supposed to stop just past her house in Jefferson. In Vermillion we rode with Craig, Cathy and Kevin out of town. Cathy and Craig left at different points while Kevin and Kathy who was supposed to turn back in Vermillion rode all the way to Yankton.

In Yankton we landed a place to sleep with another cyclist, Rick.
Mark, Heather, Dave

Not too early on Monday we got to packing up and had a bit of fun decorating the bike.

For some reason non-cyclist think that the yellow tube on the front is a bag of sand to keep the front of the bike from flying up. So, we decided to just confuse them a little more...
Mark, our warmshower.org hero.

Somewhere before South Dakota

Yeah, another state!

Kathy gets a test ride on the tandem

We stopped to eat in the shade of a tree in the courthouse lawn of Elk Point. Bicyclist are hungry all the time, as you can see Kathy's set to eat but where's Dave and Heather's lunch?
You're going where?

Dave tests out Kevin's mower. Kevin leaves it in the yard and with enough people trying it out his yard gets mostly cut. Smart move.