Day 37

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
- Start: Belle Plaine
- ATW: Rt66 -> Chelsea, Tama, Le Grand
- End: Marshalltown, Riverview Park
- Day Miles: 42.4 Ride Time: 4:49 Total Trip Miles: 1174

We got an early start and arrived in Marshalltown about 1:30 PM. The weather on Tuesday was warm and windy. The weather on Wednesday was warm and windier with 20 mi/hr wind from the south and gusts up to 30+ on county roads. We were blown sideways one time. We were riding on a county road with a gravel berm for a few feet which then sloped down at a 45 degree angle to a ditch about 10’ deep. We managed to stay on the gravel berm and not slide into the ditch.

After we got the bike off us, we keep riding but more carefully. After 4 hours of constant crosswinds and heavy winds we were done for the day.

We spent the afternoon and night at Riverview Park in Marshalltown.
At the park, we took a nap, had lunch and took another nap.