Day 26 - Start of detour

Saturday, May 9, 2009 - Warm and Windy
- Start: Lexington. IL
- ATW: El Paso, Panola
- End: Ronake, IL
- Day Miles: 38 Ride Time: Total Trip Miles:

We started packing up in Lexington a little on the early side. After breakfast, getting everything stowed, and reducing our total weight by about 5 pounds it was time for a nap. We slept for about an hour and woke up in time for lunch. After lunch and our goodbyes we stocked up at the local store and left town on Main St.

By El Paso Dave was craving ice cream but we didn't want to spend six bucks at Dairy Queen. Heather said that if we could eat it all we could buy a box of ice cream bars from the local grocery for 1/3 the price of Dairy Queen. Which we did and did eat all six bars. Refueled we continued north on 251 until just outside Panola.

A construction sign warned us to detour but there were no detour instructions. We rode a mile through the site up to the equipment to see if we could cross anyway. There was a huge gaping hole where the bridge had been and a the creek 20 feet down was to wide and too rapid to cross.

All day we'd been dealing with a cross wind as we tracked north. Now we turned back and rode west on Rt. 4 into the wind. By the time we made it to Roanoke and tried to sleep in the town's church yard which was a little too small for us we stopped the first chance we could on the outside of town.

A couple of people were working outside in a yard that looked like the trees would offer a wind break. Heather pleaded our case to the owner and was given the choice of "anywhere." Relived we wouldn't have to ride any farther we began to look for a secluded spot when the hosts offered us the option to sleep in their hay loft. Yes! No setting up the tarp, we'd be out of the wind and we'd be warm. Super warm when were shown that the barn was a horse barn and held 8 horses.

After another night of good conversation, a meal cooked on a real stove and a bed made on a layer of hay we settled in to sleep.