Day 44 - Hot Chocolate!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Started out misty and cool, ended warm and clear
- Start: Tyndall, South Dakota
- ATW: Avon, Wagner
- End: Pickstown, South Dakota
- Day Miles: 43.8 Ride Time: 4hr 26min Total Trip Miles:

The morning was spent sitting in a dugout at the park catching up on our journals. We'd managed to get about 5 days behind and decided we were only going 40 miles for the day so we could start late and enjoy an easy ride. While relaxing in the dugout a young lady walks up carrying two hot drink cups.
"I thought you must be cold sitting out here so I brought you some hot chocolate."
Our angel of the morning was Abbey, the pool custodian. Going to college in Vermillion she works at the pool in Tyndall and the one in Tabor. We talked and drank hot chocolate warming our stomaches and hearts. Just when we need a little shot of light we seem to keep getting it.

For lunch we harrased the bakery attendant and bought up burrito makings at the grocery store. Dave had fixed a broken spoke on the front wheel before we left the park and just as we were rolling down the drive we heard a rear break. While in the front yard of the public library Heather made burritos while Dave changed the spoke out.

The day was cloudy until Wagner. As we were racing downhill into town the clouds finally started breaking apart to show blue sky. A stop at the grocery store gave us a heads up to a city park in Pickstown on the river. 9 miles of a long slow uphill then 3 miles downhill into town found us at the city park early. While we were enjoying our dinner a young mother with two daughters was playing in the park. We got to talking to the mother who quickly asked "What do you do for showers?" The park only had port-o-johns so we'd planned to birdbath after dark.

Jessie, a great lady with camping experience offered us a shower. We packed up and rode the few blocks to her house and after some fun conversation with her husband Whitney and little ones we ended up sleeping in thier backyard under a blanket of stars. Needless to say we woke up a little wet from dew but not too worse for ware.