Day 28 - End of Detour off planned route??

Monday, May 11, 2009 - Hot and breezy
- Start: Peoria, IL
- ATW: Alta, Dunlap, Princetown, Wyoming, Toulon
- End: Kewanee, IL and Johnson Saulk Trail State Park
- Day Miles:63.7 Ride Time:7:15 Total Trip Miles:885

source: http://dnr.state.il.us/LANDS/landmgt/parks/sitemaps/rockisland.gif

After a huge breakfast, we went to the bike shop and got replacement spokes. We started on the Rock Island Trail. The bike trail was crushed limestone and the trail was a gradual uphill for 26 miles and four hours of hard riding. It had rained a few days ago making the trail squishy in places and the trail was rutted where others had ridden their bikes when it was very soft. So after the bike trail and hard ridding, we got back on country roads. We were able to continue on the planned route that we had detoured off. (editor - on a trip without a route?) We rode late into the evening, pulled into a grocery store, and overstocked with food. I had to carry two bags of groceries as we peddled the remaining miles to the campground. It had gotten late so we decided not to knock on any doors, simply looked to pitch our tarp in a campground.

The first campground was super saturated and we would have woken up in a puddle. We continued late into the night, turned on the rear blinker, and put on the headlights and we continued, without incidents, on a paved 6-foot wide berm to the turn off to Johnson Sulk State Park. 28616 Sauk Trail Rd. Kewanee, IL 61443 309.853.5589.

We pitched our tarp and sleep till about 1:30 AM when someone pulled in to setup their tent. There was not anyone else in the area and they picked the campsite next to ours.