Day 101

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July 23, 2009 Fog!
- Start: Bayfield, WI
- ATW: Washburn
- End: Ashland, WI
- Day Miles: Ride Time: Total Trip Miles:

After sleeping peacefully in the "boat yard" we woke to a dense fog blotting out everything after a hundred yards. Perhaps we should wait until it cleared a bit? Dave spent time talking with sailors while Heather threw a tennis ball for a highly active golden doodle.

We sat around until late morning then set out making it 10 miles down the road to Washburn, WI before we stopped for lunch and a blog update at the local library.

Another 12 miles into Ashland and a stop by another one of the artesian wells that line the lake. We were directed to a park just across the road. Instead of searching the town for a grocery we dinned on our emergency rations which turned out to be a lot of food for a 20 mile day. The greater part of the day was spent catching up in journals which always seem to be a day or two behind.

Source: http://www.sailboats-inc.com/