Day 75 Short day

Day 75 - Saturday, June 27th, 2009
- Start: Brockway, MT
- ATW:
- End: Circle, MT
- Day Miles: 13

We got going late and even later after looking all over for sunglasses that ended up being on the bike the whole time. Everyone said that last section to Circle was an easy ride in, but we found it to be a gradual up hill the whole way. Actually it is downhill but we were riding right into the wind and had to pedal downhill the whole way just to stay upright.

We located the grocery, the city park and then crashed. Heather cooked up lunch while Dave relaxed. He had woke up worse yet and we decided to ride out the sickness in Circle. The wind was howling around the park so we stretched our tarp around a couple of the open brickwork walls of the picnic shelter. It worked mostly. Then we ate and slept. Woke up in time for dinner then slept again. Sleep was tough on the picnic shelter floor but cactus scattered grass wouldn’t have been much better.