Two notes about blogs...

For those who like to read more about cycling here's a cycling couple's blog who have learned about us through someone we met in Wisconsin, their blog is: http://rlove2bike.blogspot.com/

Secondly, when we were in North Dakota we started hearing about a cyclist that had been killed on the road we were riding. No one knew how or when or what had really happened but they were all certain a cyclist had been killed the day before we passed through the area of Mentor, ND. It took a while but I just puzzled it all out while reading up on some blogs of people who I knew were going through the area.

While we're sad to hear that a trip is over due to an incident with a car, we're very happy to find out that there wasn't a cyclist killed. Currently I do not know all the details but they'll be put up on http://patanddavesbiketrip.blogspot.com/ at some point. Best to you Pat and get well soon!