Day 89 "Leisure Day" with a Tail Wind!! 83.5 miles

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
- Start: Michigan, ND
- ATW: Niagara ND, Larimore ND, Emarado ND, Grand Forks ND, East Grand Forks MN, Fisher MN
- End: Crookstown, MN
- Day Miles: 83.5 Ride Time: 6hr 30min

We started our day with sleeping in, then finally packed up and pushed off at 10am. This would be another leisure day. Well, if it wasn't for the tail wind! No matter what we tried we kept being blown further and further along. We made record time to Larimore where we inadvertently entered a bike race. The Dakota Games were racing on part of RT 2 and we slid in behind the cones to stay out of traffic. Needless to say we were passed by everyone.

We had intended to stop early again but in Emarado we had a bit of ice cream around 2pm and were revived. We hoped to connect with someone from warmshowers.org who was from Crookstown, trying to give them a days notice but that silly tail wind sent us flying into Crookstown before we heard back from them. We swung into a grocery store to buy dinner and while Heather was inside Dave talked with Bruce outside. When Heather came out there was a bit more talking and then we headed out to the park in the city to find out about camping.

Just as we got to the park none other than Bruce rolled up behind us and invited us to stay in his yard. We jumped at the chance as the park was in the middle of town and bound to be noisy. We're now relaxing in comfort and enjoying good company and will be ready to sleep tonight after 245 miles in the last three days.