Photos and more...

Hello to all! We're currently taking a break in Port Wing, WI, and have internet access again. If anyone out there following along has taken our picture but haven't had a chance to send it to us we'd love to get a copy to post on the web and keep a copy for ourselves. Also, we'd love to have pictures of the people we've met. So many shots are just of the two of us and the bike (a fun {and funny} sight, well worth a shot we know). We have names we want to keep with faces and since we're the crazy duo out there without a camera we're relying on you all to help pad out our scrap book of the trip. When you get a chance send in a picture of you, maybe something in your town or area. Thanks so much!

Stanley, ND:
Back in Stanely we met up with Kevin Citta on his westward journey to California, here's his blog for those who'd like to find out how he's doing on his adventure... www.kevincitta.blogspot.com.

Minot, ND:
These pictures were taken by Lauren in Minot, ND, while we were getting ready to leave after hiding from the weather for 2 days. We had a lovely morning ride into the sunrise and that lovely tail wind blew us almost all the way to Devil's Lake.