Day 74 Fifth Wheel

Day 74 - Friday, June 26th, 2009
- Start: Jordan, MT
- ATW:
- End: Brockway
- Day Miles: 56

We woke up late after a rough sleep. Across the street there must have been some sort of machine shop washing parts because all night it sounded like a giant’s shoes in a dryer was just next door. Dave’s sore throat was a little worse but he thought he could ride on. Eating cough drops helped and we pushed off into more hills and wind. Our intent was to make it to Circle, the next town that showed up on our map. Ed from the grocery store had mentioned that they supplied the meat for a bar 11 miles west of Circle. He recommended we stop there for dinner.

The bar was 13 miles west of Circle just outside of a town called Brockway. We were so late in getting there that if we stopped for dinner we’d not make it to Circle that night. We stopped to eat, maybe we’d camp behind the bar. Turned out better than we dreamed. Gus, the bar’s owner, grilled up amazing steaks for us then offered to rent out a fifth wheel he had hooked up out back. The place was immaculate and we had hot showers, a bed and we kept out of the rain that came in late in the evening. Dave was getting worse. Maybe sleep would help.