Day 77 Tough Night

Day 77 - Monday, June 29th, 2009
- Start: Circle, MT
- ATW:
- End: Richey, MT
- Day Miles: 30
We’d planned to have another rest day and wanted to get out of the heat by reading in the library. We loaded everything up and headed out around 10:00am figuring the library would be open by then. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we would have been right. Not Mondays. The library was closed but Dave was a little better , maybe we could ride on to Richey after the heat of the day. It was just 30 miles away.

We ate in the park and waited until 1:30pm. The heat wasn’t due to let up until evening so we soaked ourselves again and struck out. The trip to Richey was hilly and hot but the water helped and the hills were smaller and father apart. From Jordan to Brockway we crest on hill only to find a ten mile view with many hills between us and the next horizon line. This day turned out much easier.

In town we located the hardware/grocery store and the park. While in the park we met the school superintendent who let us sleep on the school grounds as there was little place to sleep around the park’s gym equipment. The wind roared all night and kept us awake as we tried to shelter between buildings. By 5:00am we were done but couldn’t ride out into the 20+ headwinds. What to do?