Day 99

July 21, 2009
Port Wing, WI: Rain and clouds.
Rest day. We woke up to the rain pounding on the tarp and a wet dog by our heads. Rudy had decided that after his bathroom run at 5:30am he would come inside the tarp to get out of the weather. He was ushered out back into the house but the rain had also driven the mosquitoes under the tarp. The battle of the mosquitoes was on again, though we survived the fight we're not sure who the victor really was. We were bitten a lot but more of them died. Head nets work to keep them off our faces but the little ninjas sneak their way under the sleeping bag through the gap at our shoulders, bounce around until they find some flesh and then sink in their swords. We're working on a design of a modified head net attached to the width of the bag and then tucked under our heads and upper bodies. We just need to find a town big enough for either a fabric or hardware store.

For now we're out of the rain in the gallery we'd tracked down yesterday enjoying a rest with Sharon, Ices and Cosmo (a couple of cats) and Rudy, the dog who'd joined us this morning. To celebrate our 99th day out we're going to Mexican night at the local bar and we'll be there with sombreros on.