Day 83 Rest day in Stanley

Day 83 - Sunday, July 5th, 2009
- Start: Stanley, ND

Rest day. We packed our gear up and rode to the grocery store to stock up. Then we wrote in journals and worked a few puzzles in the paper. We’d noticed a movie playing at 7:30pm that night and decided to take in the show as a change of pace. The fare was $5.00, popcorn was $1.00 and the place was staffed by volunteers and was immaculately clean. Before we left for the show another three cyclists showed up.

First it was Kevin, a lone rider on his was to California. While Heather shared with him some information about the area we’d covered in Montana Dave met up with another Paul and yet another Dave. They were a duo from Canada crossing from west to east. Dave a retired teacher and Paul a retired orthopedic surgeon had gone to high school together and took a bike trip in college. Now they were out again.

The cycling community can sometimes be very tiny. Paul and Dave had met another cyclist in Glacier National Park who they’d spent three days with. The cyclist was none other than Derek who we’d met in Sioux City, IA at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive center!

After our movie we talked more with Dave and Paul and then with Dave as Paul tried to catch up on sleep. Then we all gave in to sleep and got ready for the next day.