Day 88

Friday, July 10th, 2009
- Start: Devil's Lake
- ATW: Doyon, Bartlett, Lakota, Mapes
- End: Michigan
- Day Miles: 35.5 Ride Time: 2hr 45min

Started late in Devil's Lake and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with new friends. Said goodbye and pedaled out into another tail wind. We were pretty beat from the day before so we took it easy, stopping in Lakota for a long lunch. We had made good time to Lakota but the condition of the berm after the town slowed us way down. That coupled with the fact that Dave had taken a few Benadryl to try and clear up a runny nose made us end the day early.

We'd stopped for a rest break outside an artist store just off Rt 2 in Michigan and Dave stepped inside to find out if there was a park we could rest in for a while. We were told that, yes, there was a park and the camping was free. Okay, time to call it a day. We ended up taking a long nap and then talked late to the park's caretaker, a wonderful lady who loves to golf and can race a golf cart like no one I've seen. We slept next to a golf course where the green fees were $10 for the day. A place Heather's parents would love to visit.