Day 78 Rest day in Richey

Day 78 - Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
- Start: Richey, MT

Rest day. In need of shelter early in the morning we tried a church in town. The door was unlocked! We left our bike in view out front and sat in the back pew writing in journals. Soon the postmaster came in to say hello. Postmaster? The minister of the church was out of town and the postmaster had been called to find out if the cyclist who left the bike needed anything. All we needed was a break from the wind and we were given an open arm invitation to stay inside for the time we needed.

As we left for lunch we were invited in to the Senior Citizen’s Center to eat where we regaled the crowd with our adventures (misadventures). Then back to the church to relax.

When it was almost time for dinner we set out to go to the hardware/grocery and was once again intercepted. The town’s historical museum curator came in to leave a notice of new hours for the museum. After talking for a few minutes she invited us to her place to use the computer which led to dinner at her place, which led to spending the evening at a “come as you are” party, which led to a place to sleep for the night! Dave was getting better and we planned to ride on to Montana’s border or as close as we could get the next day.

We were glad to be inside all day as thunderstorms skirted the town all afternoon. But we were to find that Richey got off easy.