Day 93 Chippewa National Forest

Bagley, MN to Bena, MN along RT 2, around 60 miles.
We left Bagley and our new friends in the late afternoon. The wind was blowing 10 to 15mph from the west and we half heatedly considered riding to Grand Rapids, only it was 95 miles away. No amount of tail wind was going to push us that far again. So we settled for a leisurely drive through the Chippewa National Forest. We had hoped for a nice side place to camp except there wasn't anything else around but swampy land and resorts. The mosquitoes were bad enough and we didn't feel like sleeping in a puddle to make it worse. The first campground was $30.00 to camp in a tent and told us the next campground was a ways away. We set out again and found a campground for half the price 100 yards further on. Just for spite I think we decided to camp there for $15.00. Unfortunately the hot shower we were promised lasted about 30 seconds before it ran to lukewarm and another minute before it was cold. The mosquitoes were the worst yet and we started to think that a tent would be better than the tarp and head nets.

Shortly after leaving our friend's place outside of Bagley we were followed by a dog with a collar. He looked friendly but just ran along us for half a mile then got ahead and starting swerving in front of us. Eventually we came to RT. 2 and decided we didn't like the idea of the dog running along with us because it kept dashing into the 2 lanes of traffic beside us. I jumped off the bike and pulled out the leftover half of the old flag pole which had become the new magic wand. The pup came over looking for love and with a lot of regret but for his own sake he got a switch on the rump. He tucked in his tail and blasted back down 2 and never stopped running till he was long down the side road. Source: http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/forests/chippewa/recreation/camping/