Day 80 Crossing the Border 7 times

Day 80 - Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
- Start: Fairview, MT
- ATW: Buford ND, Trenton ND
- End: Williston, ND
- Day Miles: 40

Another early start. We found ourselves crossing into North Dakota after ½ a mile. Didn’t realize we were sleeping that close to the border. Yet, that would only be the first of 7 times we crossed the border today. We headed to historic Fort Union outside of Buford, N.D. The fort’s entrance is in Montana but the fort is in North Dakota. Though going to the fort, riding around the park and leaving we managed to cross the border another 6 times! While in the fort we entertained the workers as much as the entertained us. We asked about the fort’s history while they asked our trip. Our guide at one point was another Dave. He was soft spoken and capable of drawing you back to 1851 with the stories of the fort.

Next it was on to Trenton and an impromptu lunch at the town’s diner. We stopped in for ice cream and as we tried to pay the cashier asked in rapid succession: “Would you like a bowl of soup? Just fixed it, bean soup. Would you like a bowl? Maybe a sandwhich too? Or perhaps just the soup, it comes with bread. How’s that sound?” Great! Let’s eat! And we did. After a snack at the fort of canned baked beans cold (lukewarm) from the can we ate two helpings of bean soup. Later we would regret that choice.

Leaving the cafĂ© we were warned of the “hill” out of Trenton. It turned out to be another long steady incline. We took our time (like we have any choice) and in 1-1 we pedaled over. Then over another, then over more until we could see all around. Heather told Dave, “We have to be at the top of North Dakota by now.” Into Williston was all down hill then a little more to get back out the north side. Exhausted from many nights of rough sleep and sickness we found ourselves as Twin Lake Park. A couple of small lakes fed by a mountain stream with a park setting all around. Maybe a dip in the water later to clean up. No chance. After dinner we passed out. The night was supposed to be clear but at 5:00am drops of rain started sprinkling on our faces.